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Big Mac with a side order of pepper spray?

Posted by: Luke Kuhn ( Utopian Anarchist Party, United $nakes of AmeriKKKa ) on March 05, 1999 at 18:25:10:

In Reply to: So how many state cops do you want to arrest you? posted by joshers on February 22, 1999 at 13:56:15:

: Ummmm.. I have one thing to say...any s**t happens in our store, we call the state police.. I repeat anything. I am a manager at my McDonlads and thats our policy. So how many state cops do you want to arrest you?, to anyone who decides to try that? To the author of this...Grow the Hell up!

You better watch who you call the pigs on. Since you always call them, it would be a simple matter to filter a large number of demonstrators in ordinary dress and without signs into the store, than have a few "marked" demonstrators invade the store and let you call the cops. when they arrive, ALL the demonstrators erupt from their seats and fight the cops to defeat them.

Years ago, I was in an action like this . In the late '80's, the dictator of El Salvador(at that time) Roberto D'aubisson was visiting the White House, and I was in the protest. We had about 25 regular protestors, and about 30 more guys just standing on the corner-in business suits! When the limos arrived, the police moved the "uniformed" demonstrators, but ignored the men in the suits-who proceeded to rush the limos, wrench open D'aubisson's door, and remind him that the FMLN could reach him anywhere-even in Washington! The Secret Service probably never forgot this lesson, but other departments have probably never learned it at all. So go ahead-make my day. call the cops, and have your whole restaurand shut down by a pitched battle(like the Arlington McD's across from an Animal Rights conference in 1997 that the cops tear-gassed trying to remove demonstrators. How about a Big Mac with a side order of pepper spray?

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