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ok...I believe you.

Posted by: joshers ( MMHMM, right..... ) on March 10, 1999 at 09:56:00:

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: Diane is correct.I'm writing book on real story of ray kroc during his early days in the food business. I have first hand knowlege of his behavior and handshake agreements he was so proud of. I'am son of first franchisee in 1956 so I know it all. All documents letters from kroc and jaminson on file. Interesting reading. Anybody with interesting dealings with handshake ray please respond

ok...I believe you. Actually, I think this "I know Ray Crock and I'm his bastard son, or great long lost nephew, or cousin, or whatever, and I know everything about McDonalds...stuff you don't wanna know" stuff is the newest, lamest way to slander McDonalds...maybe thats just me.

Josh (McD manager in MI)

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