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I'll confirm it...I think...

Posted by: Hugh Morris ( Crackhead Bob and Elephant Boy, USA ) on March 10, 1999 at 11:45:45:

In Reply to: Soft Serve Confirmation posted by Shaun on March 09, 1999 at 11:53:41:

: : I've heard that the soft serve in McDonalds is made up of 46% Extruded pig fat, 22% cow fat, 17% white sugar, 2.5% Dairy products and
: : 12.5% water. I can't confirm this though...(can anyone reading this?)

: The reason you can't confirm this is because that is one of the most idiotic rumors anyone here has ever heard. Do you believe that Elvis was kidnapped by aliens too?

Actually, I read that McDonald's soft serve is made from dog vomit, rat feces, bull semen, and a pinch of salt to make it palatable. The proportions of each ingredient are varied, depending on the price of these ingredients from one week to the next. I really enjoy a vomit/feces/semen ice cream cone after eating a burger made with worm meat, or even with kangaroo meat. But, on some days, I'd rather have a fried rat from KFC, which sometimes get coated and fried by mistake alongside the chicken they usually serve. Barring that, I can always get some tacos at Taco Bell, made with ground beef that contains cockroach eggs. I wonder, though, why can't Taco Bell get the worm meat, and McDonald's get the cockroach egg meat? It would be an interesting change.

Seriously though, some bakeries have been known to add sawdust to bread dough to make REALLY high-fiber loaves of bread.

WCW's Laughing Stock,

Hugh Morrus

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