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Why just McDonald's?

Posted by: M Nieto ( UK ) on March 16, 1999 at 16:39:02:

McDonald's is not the only business responsible for contributing to health and evironmental problems. We have other fast food resturants too, even you local family owned one of a kind resturants, like Fish'n'Chip shops here in the UK. Together as a group they contribute just as much as McDonalds. Why just stop with McDonalds? What about petrol companies? and companies that product unclean energy? Energy we use for running our pc's and loggoing onto the internet with?
Really what you should be promoting is responsible and healthy contribution by these companies.
I like McDonalds, at times, and I like the convinience of being able to go to a fast food resturant and purchase a meal (especially those late nites after working a 12 hour day - and call me lazy for not cooking after a long day, and nite?)
If McDonalds is an evil business, then we're surrounded by lots of them, and most likely your either working for one, or will be.

McSpotlight: McDonald's was originally chosen as the figurehead of the fast food movement. When they decided to try and sue for libel, it became a defensive issue; the campaigners against McDonald's had a good legal reason to try and obtain every bit of information about McDonald's. If Burger King was the litigious one, it would probably have been against Burger King, as there have been campaigns against them too.

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