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Posted by: player1961 ( usa ) on March 18, 1999 at 13:55:54:

In Reply to: what is wrong with McD's??? posted by Ann on March 05, 1999 at 17:46:53:

Hi Ann. I want to give you a positive, friendly response.

When I was a kid, I grew up in a home without a lot of money. We didn't eat out much. I never even knew what a real pizza was until I grew up and moved out. I never even tasted McDonalds food until I was maybe 10, although I had eaten a little Jack in the Box.

The prices of McDonalds food is way too high. For the same price as a McMeal, you can get a regular sit-down dinner with all the trimmings, served to you at your table, and clearing the table is included in the price. In fact, regular restaurants often offer such nice service, good food, and an appetizing environment(not garish orange and clowns) that I often leave a tip.

I find that McDonalds food all tastes like it is loaded with sugar, and it is too salty, but lacks other flavor. The buns, the ketchup, the meat is all way too sweet. If I can make a great hamburger with ordinary store-bought ingredients, certainly a business advertising itself as a "restaurant" should be expected to at least try. I tried a McRib once. The advertising is deceptive. It is not rib filet. It looks like Spam, ketchup, and diced onions served on white bread. It had absolutely no taste whatsoever, like microwaved food sometimes does. Because I bought it at a drive-thru, by the time I ate a few bites, I was so far away I didn't want to go get my money back.

Many working people have days when they have no time to cook. Eating out is also difficult when you get off work at midnight, or when you just picked up the kids and have to be somewhere soon. McDonalds and other fast food restaurants offer speed as part of their price. Hah! I've often had to wait 20 minutes or more in a drive-thru, and sometimes 15 minutes in a walk-in line. Even when there is no one ahead of me, it sometimes takes ten minutes just to get a cup of coffee. These places are either understaffed, or else the workers are so demoralized and resentful that they don't care. The food may be the same in every location, but the service is unpredictable even at the same site.

McDonalds goes out of its way to advertise that they are "good for kids" and offer special children's menus and toys in the Happy Meal. The kids eat the sugary food, get a sugar rush, and go nuts in the playground or on the walk back home. How is that good for the parents?

One more thing. The Big Mac makes my stomach hurt. I once read that they put an ingredient in the sauce that most people cannot tolerate. They are aware of the problem, but continue to do so. Why? I believe that they put up obscene art, play bizarre music, have garish yellow or orange seats, and have sickening food so that the customers will eat quickly, get sick, and leave quickly, reducing the necessary number of tables. Also, without adequate nutrition, the customers will crave more food sooner, and will return to this or some other restaurant and pay more money more quickly.

I don't blame you for trying to get along with your co-workers, or trying to see some good in feeding people. But, if you really want to have a career in restaurants, take some classes at community college and work in a real restaurant, not McDonalds.

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