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Overcharging at McDonalds

Posted by: Maclad ( England ) on March 22, 1999 at 11:50:25:

I think the reason you have had trouble at McDonalds is not your fault at all. I work for McDonalds as a member of the Training Squad, a team of staff who train employees. Staff trained on till should use a technique called "selling up". Not only does this make the store more money, it also makes customers aware of other products and avoids mistakes and overcharging. Selling up is when a customer does not specify the size of their order or orders individual items. When this occurs, the counter person has the oppertunity to "sell up". Examples include:
Customer: Big Mac please.
Employee: Is that the meal or just the sandwich?
Customer: The one with the fries and the drink.
Employee: The Big Mac Meal?
Customer: Yeah, Big Mac Meal.
Customer: Chicken Sandwich, fries and coke please.
Employee: Is that small medium or large fries?
Customer: Large please.
Employee: And what size coke was it?
Customer: Large Coke please.
Employee: So thats a Chicken Sandwich, large fries and a large coke. I'll make that into an extra value meal, just to save you a bit of money OK?
Customer: Yeak thats great, thanks a lot.

As you can see, this method makes things easier for both the customer and the employee. The customer has saved money or has ensured his order is correct, and the employee has made sure that he will have a satisfied customer who will visit again.
The members of staff who have served you were obviously poorly trained, as they did not clarify their order with you. If ever you feel you have a problem with your meal, tell a manager immediately. One of the company goals is 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Since you are not satisfied, we have let you down and have not acheived the company goal. Since restaurant stores are graded on customer service among other things, a dissatified customer is a very bad thing indeed, as it will drastically lower the store's grade, and potentially lose a customer, as you have been lost.
Try and give McDonalds another chance.

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