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they have the option of quitting.

Posted by: R. Jenkins ( USA ) on March 22, 1999 at 11:59:08:

In Reply to: Apologies posted by Dark Truth on March 06, 1999 at 17:00:02:

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: McSpotlight: The original poster was utilizing a very very old argument; name x people did it, so it must be right. As for making a profit, we have more serious oppositions to McD's; they make a profit by exploiting their workforce, exploiting children, cruelty to animals and opposing the freedom of expression.

If their workforce is exploited, they have the option of quitting. How in the hell do they exploit children? I agree that their suppliers may treat animals poorly, but that's how any supplier treats animals nowadays.(sigh) As for freedom of expresion, you seem to be in total agreement with the activists and say that McDs is trying to prevent them from their rights etc. etc., but then a few paragraphs later your saying how all adverstising should be banned.

McSpotlight: McDonald's were judged to be guilty of exploiting children by targeting adverts at them; taking advantage of their lack of critical faculties to market McD's food at them; and thus exploiting their parents by getting the children to pester them to go to McDonald's.

We're not saying that McDonald's advertising should be banned; that would be censorship, which we are against. What we stand for is stopping McDonald's silencing critical opinion; giving both sides of the argument a fair say.

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