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Posted by: Jaclyn ( Orlando, FL ) on March 23, 1999 at 11:32:19:

While I have generally refused to eat at McDonalds for a couple of years, my boyfriend insisted on going and we purchased some of those "value meals". When we got to the front window, after paying my money making it insane to try to get your money back, I asked for Barbeque sauce for our french fries. They said that since we had not bought McNuggets the souce would cost 15 cents per packet. I asked to see the manager... while in the drive-through. The woman wouldnt get them. She wouldnt give me my money back. Eventually this turned ugly, and while i hate to admit it, i threw change into the window, along with the food and still demanded the sauce. I, like many others attempted to file a comlaint with them, but to no avail.

My question is... with all the money they have, can they really find it necessary to charge the few paying customers for sauce? will the same thing happen for ketchup? Lets all take a moment and wish they would finially go under.

and why dont you do a room for disney complaints?
living in orlando brings you face to face with every single Disney assault they commit!

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