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Don't forget Norton Street Leichardt....

Posted by: Ray ( Sydney Australia ) on March 23, 1999 at 11:38:39:

In Reply to: i luv residents of katoomba and newtown! posted by charmy girl on March 22, 1999 at 13:15:53:

: why??...because....the Newtown McDonald's closed down (whole lotta better restaurants in King Street!). no one bothers to eat bland food when a plethora of international cuisine awaits them on the cosmopolitain, bohemian cornucopia which is King street!!!! yay! :)
: ...i luv katoombarrrens because.... Katoomba residents opposed the opening of a McDonald's in their misty, mountainous sanctuary... thank Cartman for that...because they WON the fight!!! oh joyous day!! i think there's about 50km radius w/o macca's there...snugfit between blackheath and lithgow. they're safe there...

PS, I also gave up on KFC and Burger King. And Taco Bell. I only eat Oporto Portuguese Chicken (it's a Sydney thang), although it's expanding so fast with outlets in malls... so it might turn into a...*gulp* oh.... *sigh*... I cannot bear to think about its future!! I'm a member of the Oporto customer feedback group and I get a food voucher every fortnight if i tell them how good/bad their service is. (:

Have to agree with you re King Street. Some fabulous eateries there,
and Norton Street Leichardt too, lots of lovely Italian food there.
Do yourself a favour and take someone special to the newly refurbished
Carrington Hotel at Katoomba. That's if you like art deco.
As for your bands, well! I'm more of an Andrea Bocelli fan myself.

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