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when i was at the press launch of bill's new book they mentioned mcd's @ my table

Posted by: charmy girl ( Australia ) on March 23, 1999 at 14:03:22:

I'm an IT journalist and I had to go to the launch of Bill Gates' new book... it doesn't really have much to do with what I write about but it was free alcohol. Anyway, on my table was this Microsoft guy and he was saying, "I was entertaining some American guests and I said, you really have to check out Australian cuisine. We have the freshest food, it's delicious, check out Rose Bay, the Rocks, yada yada... and they said, 'Oh yes! We tried your food, we tried the local KFC and McDonald's and it's so much tastier here than it is in America!'"

HMMMM! Believe it..or not Also all the people on the table kept saying "I like McDonald's!" I mumbled something about mcspotlight but no one really understood and put it down to my drunkenness... I also mentioned that I boycotted McDonald's and they thought I was weird. "I hate to think what you think of Microsoft," one person quipped. I said, "Ummm i don't think I'm allowed to say here!" Heehee!

McSpotlight: *grin*; they're probably too afraid of the penguin to be too bothered about McDonald's, though...

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