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Posted by: joshers ( USA ) on March 24, 1999 at 11:14:33:

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: : Famous quot of suits take the money and run!! the public doesn't know any better but beware we are becoming more informed on Mcdonald's food preparation. Please state other experinces with the hamburglar!!!!

: Ok... I have two things to say,

: 1) Try hooked on Phonics (no offense to you, just LOTS of spelling errors)

: 2) The store that I run has implented a new production system called Made for You. With this revoultionary new system , everything IS cooked to order. We also are beginning to practise "less product more often" which assures that the food items in our Universal Holding Cabinets (UHC's) don't have time to expire. This process is just being tested at a handfull of stores. Below is a quote off of the McDonald's website....

: "Today, we have more than 700 restaurants on the "Made For You" food preparation system in the U.S. We expect that number to increase significantly late this year and to meet our objective of having all U.S. restaurants using "Made For You" by the end of 1999. Experience shows that "Made For You" provides customers with hotter, fresher food; is easier for restaurant employees; and reduces restaurant operating costs. Strategically, it supports our efforts to optimize food taste and accommodate more menu variety."

: As you can see...McDonald's is dedicated to revolutionizing our company and the way our customers recieve their food. It is an ongoing effort to provide Total Customed Satisfaction. Hopefully your store will soon experience the wealths of made for you

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: McSpotlight: Joshers, we discourage criticism of spelling as a debating technique in these Rooms; a lot of people writing here speak English as a second language; as such, it's an achievement if they can produce something readable. If it's intelligible, it's good enough.

: (For what it's worth, your own post had 5 spelling errors and 2 grammatical errors. People living in glass houses ...;)

Sorry if I offended The author of the original post. ~Josh

McSpotlight: Thank you. It's much simpler if you just counter other people's arguments, rather than just their way of arguing.

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