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Plastic toys for Plastic People

Posted by: Dark Truth on March 24, 1999 at 11:22:26:

In Reply to: The McDonaldisation of Society posted by Dave on March 23, 1999 at 11:06:40:

Commercialisation, period, is the problem.
The masses allow themselves to be spoon fed every sort of false hope and dream imaginable. We have become weak & gullible little robots for people who want to con us. Thats one misconception here at this site I think a lot of people miss. Commercialisation and corruption are a big factor in what you describe.

Look at the food you eat. The music you listen to. The images you subject yourself to. The "art" you experience.

If you look closely true "quality" (sorry Mr. Pirsig) has been depleted and pure erzats shit on a shingle has been substituted. The sorry thing is that the majority of us eat it up ravenously and ask for more.

I know this is mostly generalization but let me make a couple of specific examples.

Prime time tv... Friends,Bev. Hills 90210,X-files,Jerry Springer,Info mercials, etc. What the hell are we wasting our time for. At what point did we all agree that this is a way to waste almost 3000 hours of each passing year on.

Music. Garth Brooks, N-sync, most Rap and other trash. Back street boys? Please...These people make a truck load of money...And we are paying them. These idiots wouldnt know a good muscician if he struck them with his instrument.

Literature? I have a hard time finding more than 20-30% of my gen x freinds who read more than a book a year.

Food? same thing. we all eat on the go to jobs or school or some other time taking process of the machine. They cant allow us to spend our time putting true sustenance in our bodies.

What do I think of the McDonaldization of the country?

Welcome to the show. I hope yopu brought your wig and nose. The rest of us are already wearing ours

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