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McD's Rocks - i should know!!!!!!!

Posted by: gromit ( new zealand ) on March 26, 1999 at 10:28:54:

YES I AM A FAITHFUL EMPLOYEE OF THE FAMOUS MCDONALDS!!! I find it an excelent place to work, and, we get the highest youth pay rates of anyone i know ! the burgers are not always the best, but let's face it, at least their not made from macines or anything! i'm glad i work at mcd's and i will carry on working there. And i say to all you tossers out there who don't like the world wide successful francise known as the golden arches restaurant, go shove your nose up your arse and eat at Burger king! stop hasseling us, we're only trying to earn a living - and doing it well if i say so myself!
Ps McD's LIncoln Rd henderson NZ rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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