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Posted by: heather ( hampsters are better people than you , united states of america ) on March 29, 1999 at 15:19:26:

In response to the comparison of a hampsters intelligence to Tonya's, none of you can spell correctly, and if you feel the need to bag on people, leave hampsters out of it.They are just one of the many things that we have exploited for our spoiled, bratty, snot-nosed kids satisfaction. Like puppies. So if we need to compare intelligence, and feel the need to bring animals into such a never ending debate, it obviously shows that you do not have much research to back you up. Pets will be long lived, loyal, loving creatures if you respect the fact that they don't really give a shit how smart you are. P.S. Hampsters also will live longer if you feed them more than just those stupid pellets. Hampsters love fruit, any kind. Strawberries,grapes,banana slices, even dates. You can even buy a fruity trail mix for your hampster, as long as it is not coated with sugar, and contains no M&M's. Hampsters are also fun pets if you interact with them every day, they will not be skittish at all. So good luck and take care of the little guys.

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