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McDonalds has sucked the money and nutrition out of more than half of us

Posted by: heather ( McDonalds is really gross, usa ) on March 29, 1999 at 15:20:32:

In Reply to: Junk Food posted by Stu Meyer on March 25, 1999 at 11:23:57:

: McDonald's food is crap, that can be compared to candy with no nutritional value. If you eat at McDonald's regularly you can expect to cut your life span by years due to heart and circulatory problems. As a proof to my theroy just take a look at people who eat at McDonald's regularly. Typically over weight etc. McDonald's resturants are also a neighborhood center for crime. The local resturant in my neighborhood is a center for murder (two in the past couple of years) and gang activity. A great place to work and bring your children?

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Hey Steve I agree with you one hundred percent. Corporate McDonalds has sucked the money and nutrition out of more than half of us. Personaly I don't think kids should be eating that crap in the first place. Whatever happened to good old fashioned home cooked meals? I grew up not eating red meat. Let me tell you, when I tried my first burger from our friend, I was so sick, I literaly turned green and had to leave. Now that sticks in my head because I was allowed to have red meat once i awhile. So I knew the burger from McD's was bad, because that had never happened before. Anyway, sorry to run on. Stick with your opinion and don't take your kids there.

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