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Posted by: Jen ( northeast MI, USA ) on March 29, 1999 at 16:11:23:

I love working at McD's although at times it can prove to be trying. I always manage to overcome by a joke from stressful rush periods. In particular I am compiling a "Top Ten Most Irritating Things That Really Burn My Ass About Working Drive Thru Service" I plan to put it on a T-Shirt and already have 'orders' from fellow employees. We have all laughed so hard about it already we have come to tears.

And for any of you vicious people in here who may try to cut me down or diminish my efforts...save your breath or whatever because I will not waste my time defending myself.

one of my favs so far is: "People that expect you to hang half way out the window because they don't know how to drive" Like I want to so bad to say to them "Your total is $4.22 please drive around to the FIRST window, but if you don't see me standing there with my thumb up my but waiting JUST FOR YOU, then feel free to pull to the second window...it's your choice today! Thank you and have a nice day!"

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