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First Impressions

Posted by: Cliff Finn ( uk ) on April 05, 1999 at 16:23:53:

I honestly had a look at the McSpotlight site with an open mind although slighlty hoping that the contents would measure up to the intergrity message that seemed to come through the press reports. What I've seen is simply unconvincing and a little sad. I agree that parts of McDonalds operation could be improved but you simply can't get away from the fact that the reason they exist and are so financially succesful is because people like them - sorry but that's a plain fact and I am sure the answer from your supporters would be that all of these poeple have been brainwashed or are to dimwitted to make their own balanced judgement. After looking through your website I can't help but be suspisous about the organisers politics.

McSpotlight: Too bad. At least you now have the option to examine all the evidence...

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