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The Slick n' Greasy and the plight of the little guy.

Posted by: the_realist ( USA ) on April 05, 1999 at 16:27:12:

I see a lot of posts on this board degrading the people who work behind the register or at the grill in these fast food places. We must not forget that in general, the USA is blind when it comes to the diseases of consumerism. Most of the poor saps that work the registers at these places do so out of necesity to support the addictive habits brought on by mass marketing. We can convert one or two of the millions to seeing the truth, but even then there are many more willing to take their places. And don't forget, ultimatly its not these people that cause all of the great harm. It is the corporate executives, shareholders, and ultimatley the consumers who create the demand and thus create the niche that the peons fill. They are victims too.

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