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What the hell?

Posted by: Shaun ( Burger King, USA ) on April 06, 1999 at 11:06:50:

In Reply to: GREAT COMPANY SAYS WHO? posted by toney tiger on April 05, 1999 at 17:11:49:

This post is in responce to those three other reply's that bashed the poor guy just because he is proud of his job. As for that one post titled "great company says who", I hardly understood a word it said. Whoever wrote that was rambling on and on and it seemed as if a 3rd grader wrote it. The only thing I got out of that post was that they believe that managers are overpaid and don't work for a living? All I have to say about that is that why don't YOU try being responsible for 50 employees and a 2 million dollar a year business, and still keep a smile on your face while half your employees either show up late or not at all during a $1000 hour, while customers are demanding thier food in under 2 minutes, at the same time the line is out the door, customers are abusing you, you are trying to keep the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, parking lot clean and stocked, the phone wont stop ringing off the hook, and it's usually in a time like this that we face a crisis like one of the fryers breaks down, or a fight in the dining room, or a car breakdown in drive thru or an accident in the parking lot, or the computers go down and we have to take all orders by hand. All at the same time we have to deal with employees who expect us to solve all thier problems at home and at work, and a boss who expects us to be miracle workers. Every day I clean up after the messiest pigs who sit in our dining room. Every day I have customers who believe it is thier god-given right to harass me, my crew and other managers. I put up with this for 9 hours a day with one five or ten minute break, while everybody else in the world who works sits in an office for 8 hours a day talking on the phone. So don't tell me managers are over paid. Even those managers who are making 70k a year or more earn every bit of it. I doubt that your whiney little butt would last one week in fast food management, or even as a crew member for that matter.

As for the other poster who said that we cant possibly know what is actually in our products, get a life. Everything that is in our products is printed on the side of the box. You can come into any restaurant and look at the nutritional info and see those ingredients for your self.

Why do I continue being a manager? I love serving people and making them happy (most of them)My employees are great to work with. The money and benifits are good, and I have a lot of pride in my employer (Burger King) and want to do my best to make it a successful corporation, after all, they pay my salary. Everybody who has ever worked for McD and BK worked thier best to earn thier paycheck, regardless of what the anti- fastfood people tell you.

My hats off to you, Mr. McDonalds manager of Australia. You should have pride and loyalty for your company and the customers you serve.

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