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Some times I wish people would just think.

Posted by: London Monster ( Canada ) on April 09, 1999 at 11:55:02:

Think of a world where corporations and franchises are abolished. Think of a world where people of the community own their own businesses and profit only as the market sees fit. Think of a world where the profit from businesses goes to the people who worked to create that profit. Think about the average salary of a McDonald's employee and then think about the obscene amounts of money that have been obediantly earned for the owners of the company who patiently sit in some far off skyscraper waiting for their next cheque. Do you think that the C.E.O. or owner of McDonalds actually care about your community? Do you think they care about what is fair or just? Do you think they care about their own employees and each one of their personal struggles to stay above the poverty line? or do you realize that to them we are just mindless consumers eating their poison, ruining our environment and increasing their bank accounts. It is the truth. Think about it.

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