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: : McSpotlight: McDonald's also owns the UK-based Aroma coffee shop chain; they purchased the chain last week.

: Hmm, I didn't hear about that. Well, still, a conglomerate in general has to have several diversified products, not just one other small chain. BTW, Aroma coffee could probably still be considered food, if they are anything like starbucks or other coffee chains that sell croisants etc with coffee.(note that I'm from the US.)

I remember reading years ago that McDonald's owned a children's clothing store chain called Leaps & Bounds. They may have disposed of it by now, but they once sued the owners of a kiddie piza parlor (like Chuck E. Cheese) for using that name. They also had another reataurant chain that served "comfort food" like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, for those who have forgotten how to cook. It didn't do to well, so it's back to hamburgers (and coffee shops) for McDonald's.

Hugh Morris

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