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What the hell burger boy

Posted by: david Peal ( usa ) on April 11, 1999 at 17:48:04:

Mcspotlight how come you dont post all messages. Shaun burger boy and joshers are 21 year olds with nothing but a set of keys, with firstmtime jobs and nothing else to offer so why not post some of the follow uo messages that have been sent? Are you pro Mcdonalds and burger boy supporters?

McSpotlight: We post all messages that aren't abusive or irrelevant; send us something that is a) intelligible and b) contains a viewpoint or an argument and c) is vaguely on-topic and we'll post it.

However, if you just follow up an entire post with one line; to the effect that the poster of the above is an idiot, it will get rejected. Simple.

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