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Posted by: Tommy the Terrorist ( New World Order ) on April 13, 1999 at 11:27:19:

I was just reading the paper the other day, about the still-continuing McLibel case, when I realized that gee, it's been years since I last stopped at a McDonald's. I used to visit the place all the time for McNuggets (sorry, my vegan fellow travelers... what can I say?) but stopped going somewhere about halfway through the first trial. Had to walk a whole block and a half extra to Popeye's, which as it turns out has much better tasting chicken anyway. As for cheeseburgers... ever since I saw what they did to Oprah Winfrey and the Food Lion case, I haven't dared. If the things really DO give you BSE, then you can bet your ass nobody will be allowed to tell you ... and you can only guess what kind of white, squishy things are mixed in with that kind of meat, eh?

Best of all, was the alternative of going for the good stuff, the local Chinese food place. Now THERE is tasty, cheap food with a difference! Fresh vegetables, tasty spices, good cooking... there is a way.

McDonald's always was "junk food", we always knew it was the worst of the worst. But it took this case to poke me hard enough to look, and find, that there were better, cheaper alternatives to everything. Boycotting McDonald's was more of a gift to myself than to anybody else... and it was no big loss...

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