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Posted by: vharmon ( Md., USA ) on April 22, 1999 at 14:30:07:

your so called fries are something to be desired.first of all ,if you don't eat them while they are hot and crisp. then you might as well be trying to chew rubber.what ever happen to quility? were the large size fries to exspensive to purchase? lord,,your selections are getting more pricer every day which is out rageous.so why not give fries that consumers can eat, snowbird8@webtv.net

McSpotlight: Ho hum, yet another webtv user who seems to think that anything with the letters "Mc-" in their name are owned by McDonald's Restaurants Inc.

(sorry if this seems tetchy, but it's considered good manners here on the 'net to check the tone and content of the forum you're posting to before you start spouting off...)

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