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the crew must follow the rules

Posted by: joshers ( USA ) on April 26, 1999 at 11:11:52:

In Reply to: Employees do have brains posted by Julian on April 23, 1999 at 18:30:01:

: What else can crew members do other than make their own policies up the company has rap sessions and crew meetings but nothing ever comes out of them how do you expect to keep workers happy when you never listen to them so might have good ideas why can't the store operate a more Japenese approach where employees are treated as intelligent human beings who have good output to give instead of treting the way McDonalds do

Where exactly in my post did you read that I said crew members do not have brains? I am not sayin that at all. You think crew should be able to make up their own proceedures?? I can see it now

Customer ( Crew members buddy) : Can I have a Big Mac Meal Please?
Crew ( smiling): Sure can
As the crew member gets the order, not only does he give him a LARGE instead of a MEDIUM drink, but also a super size fry, instead of a large, 3 cheeseburgers, the big mac, 2 apple pies, and whatever else the crew member decides to give him. When I ( manager) say something, his response would be " Well, my proceedures are when my friends are here I can give them extra food items".

I know it wouldn't work. That is why there are proceedures. Just as US citizens follow the laws, the crew must follow the rules to assure the customers, and often the crew themeselves, don't get ripped off. Proceedures are just that..rules to follow so everyone has the smae ways of handling situations. As with nugget sauce, You could have a crew member who gave the right amount of sauces, and the crew person next to him who gives out as many as you want. You would go to that crew person, then, when we run outta sauces everyone wonders why. Go figure~Josh

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