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not bloody likely

Posted by: fuzz ( aust ) on April 26, 1999 at 13:25:39:

In Reply to: why do I work for this great company? posted by store manager on April 01, 1999 at 18:52:04:

: Hi, I work for McDonald's in Australia. I am a restaurant manager in a busy sydney store, and I honestly would not want another job. I love working for McDonald's it has proven to be a great career move for me and I have and continue to learn skills that most of you idiots would have no idea about.
: Not all McDonald's people are stupid, if you believe that of the several million people who work for this great company are morons, then perhaps you should really look at who is pointing the finger. It is falacy that all crew people are slaves and are treated like dogs. My crew love coming to work, it is social and rewadring. Sure things get hectic and hard work is involved but who is afraid of that anyway.
: Finally I would like to say I have an extensive knowledge of the truths at McDonalds, If you are unsure about the content of shakes,pies, meat or whatever, please don't hesitate to reply, if you are going to crap-on online you may as well know what you are talking about.
: Thanking you in advance for all the ignorant people who will tell me I am brainwashed (get a life)

: Oh and have a nice day

oh and have i nice day !! .. not bloody likely if i am going to be eating macas !!! or at least that is wot i say to them .. well used to !
anyway y dont u actualy tell pplz wot is in those things instead of telling them to msg u .. let me c wot could be in them ummm mayb pig fat shakes and icecreams .. yer i wasnt aware that pigs were a vital part of icecream .. oh look they rnt .. on this tube of buget icecream (2 litles for 4$ or something .. better value than maccas) there r no animal products used !! .. wot a suprise .. and wot about the meat in the food .. oh my gosh pigs gentials .. well my mouth is just sukulating at the idea of biting into them .. and as for happy staff .. well i am sure that is easly achive with subliminal msgs in the training vids !! .. u do show them training vids dont u ?!?!
and as for ur employ's and all macas employs being stupid .. well that is true .. but then again .. show me 1 intleigent human .. we all have help destroy this planet together .. y dont we all help to fix it ! step 1 .. remove evil fashist corportaions and live with indepented bussiens suporting us (eg no macs) .. then comunisum .. then go bak to live of the land taking only wot u need to surive .. and not pigs balls !!!

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