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My take on this madness

Posted by: Bobby ( USA ) on April 26, 1999 at 13:26:56:

Well after reading through a lot of the so called "discussions" on this board, I figured I would share my view. I am an employee of McDonald's, and its not that bad of a job, most of the time it is what we make of it. I don't agree with many of McDonald's policies, such as constantly focusing on "sales and labor" and their terrible understaffing at times. But I think of this as a "10 cent job," it is something I need right now and I'm not planning on being there forever. But I do the best job I can while I am there, not because I am so concerned about making the corp money, it is because I feel good about myself when I do the best job I can in anything I do. And you also need to make the environment good for your fellow workers. Most of the time if you respect the customer they will respect you. If they don't smile, hand them their food, and tell them thanks. Simple. There is no use in giving them the satisfaction of pissing you off. Yes, Mcdonalds suck. But so do MANY other jobs. It is about the money, which right now that is all I am concerned about. Also..this focus on nutrition is ridiculous. If your customer is someone with HALF a brain they know McDonald's food is not nutritious. But they don't really care...just like when they buy junk food from the supermarket. People don't come to McDonald's for nutrition...they come because it is fast, cheap, good (obviously in many people's opinion) food. That's about all for now...


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