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Only about the money!

Posted by: Amanda ( Canada ) on April 27, 1999 at 10:31:11:

I think you are just trying to cheap out a big company, just like the lady who complained about the scolding coffee, whaT A #*!* excuse for trying to get money that isn't really yours. Kids get hurt all the time, your not going to sue their school if they fall of the play ground, this has nothing to do with your kid being injured, all you see is the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

McSpotlight: Actually, we don't care about the money; after all, the McLibel Support Campaign and McSpotlight are run entirely by unpaid volunteers; we are not looking to get money out of McDonald's; we're trying to stop them screwing the planet up and exploiting everything they can lay their hands on.

As for the coffee case, you might want to check the facts of what actually happened; certainly, getting third-degree genital burns and spending 8 days in hospital is no laughing matter, especially if you're a 79-year-old woman. Especially if you got the burns because McDonald's policy was to serve coffee 20 degrees C hotter than the drinkable temperature.

To quote the CAOC (Consumer Attorneys of California):

"No one is in favor of frivolous cases of outlandish results; however, it is important to understand some points that were not reported in most of the stories about the case. McDonalds coffee was not only hot, it was scalding capable of almost instantaneous destruction of skin, flesh and muscle."

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