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I see nothing wrong with making the truth be known

Posted by: joshers ( USA ) on April 29, 1999 at 14:53:47:

In Reply to: I see no reason to making the truth be known posted by joshers on April 29, 1999 at 10:22:40:

: : : : I told in you my follow up to my post about the corporate office phone number that I AM NOT a company representative. I am simply an 18 year old manager working at a store in Michigan. I don't know why you keep incinuating that I am anything more, this is the second time.

: : As an occasional reader of this site I seem to notice Josher that you put yourself in the position of self oppointed spokesman for this corporation. Please don't critize the writer for his vies because I seem to find your name all over this site. One understand your only 18 and seem very dedicated to your company but you DO seem to represent Mcdonald's when they are mentioned unfavorably. If you don't want the readers to favor you as the customer rep than please don't reply to all the reports on the company and just bring up your own experiences in your young life at mcdonalds.

: This is because alot of the things I reply about are untrue and/or wrong. I see no reason to making the truth be known

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: McSpotlight: Joshers, was that *exactly* what you meant to say?

Actually, what I meant to say was:

I see nothing wrong with making the truth be known and educating the public what actually goes on at McD's. I am a book quoting manager and I am ALWAYS checking things out to make sure they meet both mine, and the companies specs. I reply to the majority of erroneous posts and try my best to provide complete accurate information. Very few of my posts are strictly opinion based, and are neither for or against McDonald's. My posts are meant to be mostly informative, based on the facts that I see everyday in my store and the specs McD's sets for all their products. Thanx ~Josh

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