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Your posting had no basis whatsoever

Posted by: joshers ( USA ) on April 30, 1999 at 13:30:11:

In Reply to: making the truth be known Josher How dare you posted by Tommmy Mudraker on April 29, 1999 at 17:54:49:

: : McSpotlight: Joshers, was that *exactly* what you meant to say?

: . Very few of my posts are strictly opinion based, and are neither for or against McDonald's. My posts are meant to be mostly informative, based on the facts that I see everyday in my store and the specs McD's sets for all their products. Thanx ~Josh

: Give me a break Josher. Always tel the truth. You wouldn't know a fact from a o-ring on your shake machine. I always new Mcspotlight looked after you. Exactly speaking. GET A REAL JOB!!!!

: --
: McSpotlight: We treat Joshers exactly the same as we treat anyone else here; as such, your "knowledge" is false. Your tone is also somewhat personal and insulting; I allowed it through the moderation process merely to show that we do not show favourites; in itself, it does not add to the tone or depth of the debate.

First off, it seems as though you have a problem with me. What's this about not knowing about the O-Rings on a shake machine? Where did that one come from. As a matter of fact, I am the one tearing down that machine to clean it and I guess I would know about them, whatever that is that you seem to think I don't know. Your posting had no basis whatsoever, it was just a chance for you to rant and rave about me, in my opinion ~Josh

By the way - where do YOU work there Tommy?

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