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False advertising

Posted by: McChick ( Australia ) on May 05, 1999 at 13:04:49:

In Reply to: McDonalds or McRubbish ? posted by Paranoid Ghost on May 04, 1999 at 11:34:19:

: the cheese looks as if it has been poured on

Perhaps it looks like that, but it is actually a slice of cheese (plastic cheese at that though) which melts with the heat of the burger.

: Where do the head honchos of this evil empire of deception get off on presenting their products as they do in all those commercials which must be so very carefully put togeather? McDonalds truly is guilty of false advertising.

I agree, you should have seen the ad for the $1.50 Big Mag with any Coke purchase. They built up the Mac from the base, and you should have seen the positioning of the onions. They were perfectly spaced out covering the whole meat patty, in a nice little pattern. I wonder how long it took them to place them in those precise places.
Another thing - it was on the news recently about the Grilled Chicken burger, I'm not sure what the exact story was because I didn't watch the news, but it was something about the grilled chicken burger not really being grilled because the grill lines are painted on prior to the stores cooking them.
Also, at work the other day, I was looking at the meat on the grills, and it was gross. I could see blood on it. Yuck! and we didn't even throw it out, they say it happens all the time, its nothing unusual.

: Try walking into one of their plastic restraunts and asking for a burger exactly as pictured in their ads. You will be met with blank stares.

Sounds like you think all crew are dumb, and would give blank stares. We'd probably just agree with you that there is false advertising, but be realistic. If they advertised what the burgers customers receive look like, less people would buy them and they don't want that to happen. And its not the service crew's fault how the burger turns out, and it's probably not the kitchen crew's fault either. They are just making them how they have been told to.

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