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Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to eat it.

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Broadsided bovine is always cheap at BBQ Bob's, TX, USA ) on May 08, 1999 at 08:49:51:

In Reply to: Who cares about the beef? posted by Stuttering larry on April 23, 1999 at 10:27:24:

You made the choice yourself to consume it for 21 years. Ronald didn't force-feed it to you.

Btw, in watching recent news reports, doctors are now saying that there really is no proof that high veggie consumption prevents cancer, colon, or other types. They also say that high meat and fried food consumption isn't an automatic death by cancer sentence.

As for Falwell, he is famous for making foolish, ignorant statements, re the Teletubby incident. And I question the sincerety of TV preachers as a whole.

Lastly, we don't need the Government harassing the food service industry like they have tobacco and are trying to do with gun manufacturers. "Blame somebody else" is becoming an epidemic in this world today.


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