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Mcdonalds gets there meat prmarily from other countrys

Posted by: jamel ( what, U.$.A. ) on May 11, 1999 at 07:07:56:

In Reply to: Is it torture? posted by linzy on May 07, 1999 at 13:43:36:

: Does anyone agree that slaughtering animals is MURDER. And for no real reason. You CAN live without meat. What about McDonalds. They say they use free range (if thats true). But they still go to the same slaughter (torture) house and suffer an painful, terrifying death.
: Does anyone agree??
: Can anyone tell me how Mcdonalds treat/keep their livestock?

First off free range is a very general term and the fact that Mcdonalds gets there meat prmarily from other countrys makes it even less acurate because many other countrys(such as brazil where they get much off there meat) do not have the same standards as other 1st world nations. Pluss just because they are "free range" dosnt meen they dont get subjected to abuse. last even though they might be killed quickly and painlessly in slaughterhouses(which im guessing there not) they are still living creatures with thoughts, lives, a brain, blood and other things which makes it inhuman and plainlly murder.

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