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Posted by: David PEAL ( USA ) on May 11, 1999 at 07:16:53:

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: McSpotlight: We said business practices, not trivia.

Who decides between triva and business practices? I"ve figureed your outfit out. Five kids taking messages from probably 95% boys under age of 19. You guys are josher and shauns burger buddies. If I stated some of the nafarious practices of Mr. ray krook would call it triva? Its obvious you dont know many facts concerning the early stages of mcdonals terror. You of course had no dealing with this individual. It had a propensity for making "handshake deals" and renegging on them. Its oral statements meant nothing. Check into early history as krook was procuring has mcdonalds frachisees or ask attorney Jerry Spence about krook deal with TRIPPLE ripple icecream in 1962. Its obvious to me that you don't consider history and early facts as truth but in your young mind you call it TRIVA. Wakeup and be aware of what a few people are interested in. I am going to make a website available to early fact and YOU stick with your TRIVA!!!. Get a life and learn about the real story behind the success of this creature.

McSpotlight: *sigh* Try visiting the court transcripts on McSpotlight: you will find 10,000 pages detailing McDonald's business practices. Try reading our Issues page. If you still think that McSpotlight as an organization is pro-McD's, then I suggest a trip to the optician.

For your information; we have risked being sued ourselves by McDonalds in bringing the McLibel trial evidence to the world...

And the McSpotlight team numbers some 30 people around the world.

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