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why target mc donalds?

Posted by: sammy on May 15, 1999 at 15:42:27:

as i read this site, i cant help but wonder why mcspotlight singles out mcdonalds? last i heard, BK and wendys were rating above mc donalds, and that their sales had gone down over the past few years. poeple discovered that they could get a REEEEAL burger from BK.
isn't that why they tried to market the mc arc deluxe? which was a complete failure.

i also believe that we should leave ronald out of this. he is just another of the multitude of cartooney mascots, that are attached to any product as a way to appeal to kids. i mean, you would never harm toucan sam or tony the tiger, would you?

and it's not just ronald, it's the whole gang! you remmember, all you products of the early 80's. grimace, hamburgler(robble robble--ehh?...ehh?), the fry guys, and who was that flying bird girl with the pilots helmet? darnit! now that's going to bother me for the rest of the day. i know that bird had a name.

McSpotlight: Firstly, McDonald's are targeted because they are the flagship of fast food. Secondly, they are targeted because they were paranoid enough to try spending $16 million to suppress criticism, rather than just ignoring it.

As for Ronald; it represents a lack of social responsibility to target adverts at those too young to realize that they are being manipulated; thus, he's fair game.

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