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Hopefully, not a damn thing!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Bo Roberts rules!, TX, USA ) on May 16, 1999 at 13:44:04:

In Reply to: What is the government doing about McDonald's? posted by D T on May 15, 1999 at 15:24:08:

: This may sound woefully uninformed, but what is the government doing about McDonald's? I live in the US, but I would also be interested in finding out about government action (if any) in other countries, in addition to America.

Well, what do you WANT the Government to "do about" The Arches? It seems that whenever the Government "does something", all of our lives get inconvenienced or affected in some way.

If you want Uncle Sam to go after Ronald like he's gone after Big Tobacco and now is going after the firearm industry, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to oblidge, at Comrad "Slick" Willie's prodding.

Higher sales taxes on all big macs qp's, nuggets and fries, just like booze and smokes. And all children under 18 prohibited by law from buying these "dangerous" products. Everyone 27 years of age and under "carded" before they can buy their supersized value meal. And our good Comrad will have "100,000" police officers out on patrol to "strictly enforce" this new legislation in the name of "protecting" our children.After all "it takes a village". Parents are so stupid. They need to have more of their authority usurped. And happy meals, teenie beanie babies, furbees, and other toys will be history, now that children are prohibited by law from consuming this "dangerous" fast food.

Ah yes! If you ask for it, you just might get it! In closing, the less Government "does", the better our lives are. It's the concept of a free country. We have the right to make even bad choices, in this case involving diet. We should not be punished by higher target sales taxes and restrictive laws.


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