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McDonalds Fries And Employees Sanitation

Posted by: v harmon ( usa ) on May 16, 1999 at 14:03:01:

As if having to be faced with bad adittudes (oops) at the window. We get your so called french fries, should be called fried wood or rubber ,on top of that your servers throws our orders in a bag,and wanting us to beg beg beg for catsup mustard towels, salt, pepper.also we the consumer would like to know about you hand washing policy, hair nets, hair nets,AND gloves.

McSpotlight: Hello? anyone home? Didn't the other two times we told you (that's _you_ personally) quite clearly that we aren't McDonald's not reach your cerebral cortex?

Do we need to have another debate about netiquette, or will you finally get the message that we're not who you should be complaining at?

Bottom line; we've made it abundantly clear that this isn't a McDonald's customer service forum; more posts along this line will simply not get through the moderation process.

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