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Posted by: katherine ( Australia ) on May 20, 1999 at 01:33:23:

In regard to false advertising by McDonalds, in one of their recent campaigns, they used Nicola Charles (aka Sarah from Neighbours) walking in and asking for a grilled chicken burger. As if she would walk into a Maccas and crap on about all the stuff she wants on HER burger, just because she's famous. They wouldn't even know what grated carrot looked like. As if the grilled chicken burger is "light" and "low in fat". What a crock of s**t. Maccas is also targeting the male audience only, by using a twit in peadle pushers, asking a dog ugly guy if she can sit with him, raising all guys hopes, that one day a gorgeous woman will walk in and ask to sit with them.
PS The sooner she leaves Neighbours, the better I say.

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