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I'm not stupid...just mad as hell!

Posted by: Paranoid Ghost ( Canada, B.C. ) on May 21, 1999 at 19:56:42:

In Reply to: we do the best that we can. posted by joshers on May 20, 1999 at 13:22:56:

: You know, ANY commercial that contains food is gonna look "perfect". This is because it is made in a food studio where food artists make the food look so good. Turkeys aren't fully cooked, only browned with a wallpaper steamer, Ice cream is lard so it doesn't melt as the ads are shot, The food artists can spend up to an hour making the burger look good.

Yes,I know all about setting up a product to appear as something which it is not. I am simply demanding that McRubbish display it's products as they really are. Hey, They sell millons of racid burgers every year...A little truth in the advertising will not diminish those sales. I am so sick and tired of all the false advertising. If something is showen as being a large, full hamberger, it should be searved as such.

At McD's, unless you want to wait an hour, we do the best that we can. If any of you people think you can come come back in the grill area and do a better job, feel free.

Damm right I can do better!... I have!...years ago I took on what turned out to be a short lived job at a McRubbish outlet. I put togeather great big burgers and over filled those damm frie boxes. I was fired after ranting and raving about false advertising...They won't even admit to their crimes!...Damm the black heart of McRubbish!

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