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You are really beginning to make me have enough.

Posted by: joshers ( USA ) on May 23, 1999 at 22:01:41:

In Reply to: You and I and millions understand posted by David Peal on May 21, 1999 at 19:54:58:

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: : : McSpotlight: However, they only did this because of the fine imposed on McDonalds in the Liebeck case; the facts are that there were
: :. McRubbish is a symphony of lie's!
: Ghost man another public customer rep for Mcdonald's (JOSHER) the 17 year old manager from Michigan just dosn't get it, does he. You and I and millions understand but a few still just don't get it. Let these young key holders have thier opinions and we will have the truthful statements and knowledge to overcome these spokespeople for the CLOWN. If they would just read carefully and try to understand our logic and experience they just might learn something that will develope them into better persons and a credit to our society.

You are really beginning to make me have enough. You people who have a problemm with McDonalds decide to bring all of your anger out on management. Why? Because you don't wan't to bitch to the corporate office. What I am giving are not opinions but FACTS. All I said in my post is that the thermostats were turned down after the scalding accident. I know this. This is a fact. I work there and will continue to work there because I love the job, love the people, have no problems with the company and the pay is good too. So have your opinions and I will stay there if nothing more just to get you angrier. Have a nice day, stop by and see us again soon. Also, if you would stop bitching about me thru other people it would be appreciated. E-mail me.

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