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Do you take me for a fool?...read on Einstein.

Posted by: Paranoid Ghost ( Canada ) on May 23, 1999 at 22:02:30:

In Reply to: clowns are not evil posted by sammy on May 22, 1999 at 15:48:37:

: contrary to popular belief, clowns do not eat people. in fact, they are more afraid of you than you are of them.

....The McRubbish clown is a compusive liar!

: come on now, we all know what a big mac really looks like. and we all know that you can't believe every thing you see on tv. please tell me i am not wrong in believing that the majority of people can separate tv from real life?

....Of course I know what the crap McRubbish calls food looks like. It should be as advertised. A little care and patience would make this so.

: you do realize that it is not possible for a cyote to be crushed by a boulder and still be okay to contunue scheming after a road runner in a matter of seconds, don't you?


: if so, than how can you expect to find a fresh, steaming, juicey burger, topped with crisp lettuce on a fluffy bun when you unwrap a foil sandwich wrap?

...Other restraunts seem to manage quite well. McRubbish simply does not give a damm what you or I think about their food. Look at the case of "HARVEYS" They make the burger right there in front of you and present it to you looking very much if not excatly as pictured. Don't tell me I am full of shit here. I have eaten at Harveys many times. McRubbish is a joke...and a very bad one at that.

: i'm not trying to stand up for mcd's, don't get me wrong, i'm not that passionate about a fast food joint, i just think we need to trust our god-given brains and abilities to make good judgement calls before we trust what we encounter on our tv's.

Yes. you are right. I still say the evil empire of McRubbish should be forced to either serve their food as they advertise it or Show the food as it really is. I know that the advertised food is probably not fit to eat. I have been told it is plastic. Whatever...they are compulsive liars and something must be done about this!

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