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Plastic people standing up for a plastic restraunt.

Posted by: Paranoid Ghost on May 23, 1999 at 22:04:17:

In Reply to: You wouldn't want to eat what's in the photographs posted by Hugh Morris on May 22, 1999 at 15:48:14:

Get it through your fucking head...I know that the food in all the pictures is not edible. I am simply pushing for truth in advertising or at the very least...A burger which appears as it is pictured!

: Hugh Morris: Perhaps they felt it was obvious, but something like "Photographs are for illustrative purposes only" would suffice, like the car dealers' newspaper advertisements. Lawyers on TV often put "actor is not a lawyer" across the screen, probably because of all the nitwits who show up demanding to be represented by the fellow in the commercial. I worked at a restaurant that served foot-long hot dogs, but that was changed to "extra-long" hot dogs. You just know there was some asshole with a ruler that had to check it out for themselves.

Thats right...I would be that ASSHOLE!...if yer gonna call it a 'foot long' it had better damm well be a foot long when I start to eat it!

: : And when has advertising not embellished appearances of the products being pitched (or in the case of food, its necessary decoys because of the heat)?

......Yes I know. I still want my burger made as it appears in the picture. What the hell is wrong with that????

: Hugh Morris: Studio lights are very hot; fuck the air conditioning.

,......Fine. Let them make the burger on Tv out of plastic for all I care. I want the damm food to look as it is pictured though. A little care and training will go a long way.

: If plastic props are not used in the photographs, here's what you get: A cold, pre-cooked beef patty dunked in oil to simulate grease. Take careful bites; the tomatoes and pickles are held in place with pins. The coffee will have a laxative effect; soap is added to make bubbles, giving the appearance of a freshly-brewed cup. The bun will have dried out after being under the studio lights. Don't count on there being any dressing on the sandwich anywhere except the outer perimeter; little bits of ketchup and Mac sauce were added with a syringe around the outside.

....That's nice. If they want to make the food on TV look so great...why not go to the extra trouble of preparing the real thing so that it appears as it does on tv or at least extreanly close to it. The actual food looks nothing like what is advertised

: Does your prowess on the basketball court improve when you buy Nike's?

Actualy...YES. When I buy new Nikes I feel like a millon bucks and my game does seem to improve. Not basketball...soccor. Damm the black heart of the clown!

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