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the extinction of the clown won't solve a darn thing.

Posted by: sammy on May 23, 1999 at 22:10:10:

In Reply to: why to 'bother' with targeting McDonald's. posted by Linz T on May 21, 1999 at 12:11:49:

LINZ-T said this:

: I would also like to tell you why to "bother" with targeting McDonald's. Have you ever seen the movie Medicine Man? Things like that have actually happened. Do you know anyone with cancer, the rainforests that Macdonald's cuts down for grazing land for their cattle provide over one third of the medicine's used to treat sicknesses; you have probably used some of them yourself. McDonald's may do charities, but when the rainforests are gone (which should be in about 30 years) we'll need one hell of a fund raiser to keep ourselves alive.

sammy's reply is this:

i feel that this post is partly in responce to my question a few post's down about targeting mcdonalds.

if feel that if mc spotlight is successful in exterminating the mcOperation, it will just be an opportunity for other burger joints to fill in the empty spots. if we abolish mcD's, the mcPatrons will just line up at burger king. and will even find out that bk has actual meat on their buns, thus increasing the sales to more than mcD's ever brought in. and unless you think that bk and wendy's get their cattle from somewhere other than slaughtered rain forrest land, i think that you should be able to understand where i'm coming from. i wasn't saying leave mcD's alone, i was asking why you ONLY targer mickey D's.

this is why i am questioning the reasoning behind targeting mcdonalds.

i don't disagree with what you are trying to do, mc spotlight, i just think that the whole fast food industry should be under controll, not just ronald.

p.s. i like the name McSpotlight.

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