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my new Macca's email addy!

Posted by: kim g ( Australia ) on May 27, 1999 at 10:11:22:

My new email address is

Pretty cool huh....and apt...and... it was free!!!!

Knowing that BigBro is watching the forums w/ interest, no doubt they'll probably be on my case asking the e-mail provider (funmail.co.uk) to take it down. Yawn!

Are there any like-minded Sydneysiders who only ever use the Park/Pitt Sydney McDonald's to throw up in the restroom during hung over mornings? (come on, we've all used a McDonald's toilet without eating their food!! they're only good for cleansing the bowels!)

Next month is a milestone for me... TWO YEARS WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A FRY... that's how long it's been without Mc's. I must say, too, that a week or so ago I had an horrendous dream that I went to some McDonald's (one avec bad service) and tried not to order anything but I did. I ordered water and OJ and in the dream I drank the OJ, feeling guilty that I was doing so... I woke up relieved, thankful that I hadn't ordered anything after all. I'm glad I'm surrounded by good food!!!

Cheers, and keep on fightin'!!!!!!!!


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