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Hey PG it's only burgers!!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Bo Roberts rocks!! Howerd Stern = ZZZZZZ, TX, USA ) on May 28, 1999 at 08:11:19:

In Reply to: I have a good idea...and a question for you. posted by Paranoid Ghost on May 27, 1999 at 10:08:17:

: Damm the clown! It's not about taste. I want some fucking truth in advertising! I know that this is not, in the mind of the "evil suits", a good idea.

Caveat Emptor, dude! With me it has everything to do with paletability. If it's good, it's cool. In that case they've lived up to their ad claims. If the food is bad, get a refund!

I simply belive that McRubbish should be forced, in their ads, to show the food as it really is.

"Forced"? By who? The gov't? A quarter pounder looks good to me just the way it is. In fact I may just go get one when I'm finished typing this. I don't want to give those bureaucrats any other reasons to justify their place on the taxpayer-funded payroll.

Yea, thats it. They can show all those outright lies and at the end of each commercial they could show a photograph of an acual Big slap of one of the other McSlush burgers. BTW...If you are neither for or against McRubbish...What the fuck are you doing here?

This sounds like an obsession! As for my being here, I'm just doing the best I can debating whatever topic gets my interest. I'm for the responsible franchise owners. The corp itself is no better or worse than many of today's corps, so I don't have a concrete yay or nay stamp.

P.S. To solve your hotdog problem, you might buy one of those endowment pumps that Hustler Magazine advertises, either mechanical or electric. You might get an even 12" maybe a 13" who knows? It might be wider too.


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