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Posted by: Steph ( Australia ) on June 01, 1999 at 12:56:26:

When the new McDonald's opened in our suburb about 15 years ago my brother was amongst the first crew people. He worked whilst going to high school and later left, with good memories and great training. He is now submarine navigator in the Australian Navy. My sister then began work with the same store, the day she graduated high school, they offered her managemment. For a girl that struggled academically the promotion was great for her self esteem by recognising her capabilities. She is now a flight attendent, her dream job. I was employed at the same store five years ago, I worked through high school, and then through university. McDonald's supported me throughout, the were flexible with their hours, allowing me to take time off for exams and assignments. In two weeks I graduate, and with the lack of employment opportunities within my chosen feild I would be proud to accept a management position within the store, and at twenty years of age, I consider that a great opportunity . McDonalds has in no way exploited myself or my family, they gave us opportunities, respect and recognised and valued training, and above all, great friends and a fun working environment.

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