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Its up to the parents to properly edcuate their children, not the TV..

Posted by: McDWorker ( Canada ) on June 02, 1999 at 10:28:54:

In Reply to: it is not mcd's responsibility to make sure you eat right posted by sammy on May 21, 1999 at 12:04:59:

: although i do not agree with the idea of multinationals, i cannot say that i think mcd's is committing any crime by marketing thier product. after all, it is we the consumers that keep buying it. if you are on a low fat diet and you make a quick stop at mcd's, they are not responsible for your failure. you are.

: just the same, if you were to take a gun into school and shoot the kids who made fun of you, it would not be the guns fault, or classmates fault, the fault would be your's.

: i think we are exaggerating this whole mcd's thing here. how is thier operation different from any other bussiness trying to raise thier profits?

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: McSpotlight: Do you consider that a child less than eight years old has the discrimination to judge adverts objectively? That's the market sector that McDonald's advertises to.

You're right McSpotlight, a child can not jude the adverts wisely, but are you trying to say that a child has so much power over his/her parents that he/she can force them to take him/her to McD's? Its up to the parents to properly edcuate their children, not the TV.. How hard is it to say "NO" to a child?? maybe if parents spent "quality" time with their children like going for walks, playing in the park, etc and stopped relying on the television as a Babysitter, McD's wouldn't have this much of an influnence over children as you claim. McD's is fine for the occasional treat, but if parents are taking thir kids there on a regular basis, like 2-3 times a week, its the parents fault, not McD's

McSpotlight: That's exactly what we're saying. Children do have that power; the witness statements made in court should give you some idea of the facts. That's not to say that the parents are blameless for giving in, but McDonald's are fully aware of the power that children have over their parents; read their Operations Manual where it says;

"Ronald loves McDonald's and McDonald's food. And so do children, because they love Ronald. Remember, children exert a phenomenal influence when it comes to restaurant selection. This means you should do everything you can to appeal to children's love for Ronald and McDonald's."

So basically, McDonald's are advertising at children because children have the power over their parents. They wouldn't do it if they weren't pretty sure of this. In so doing, they are undermining the authority of parents; by making it seem "unusual" to refuse to take your child to McDonald's.

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