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Its not false advertising, they just 'polish it up'

Posted by: McDWorker ( Canada ) on June 02, 1999 at 23:57:59:

In Reply to: DAMM RIGHT I'M WOUND UP!!! posted by Paranoid Ghost on May 23, 1999 at 22:03:41:

: Did I say that only McRubbish falsely advertises it's products? No, McRubbish does ,however, Advertise what is simply NOT THERE! The actual food,(if you can call it food), served does not even resenble what they advertise. McRubbish is a lie!

Hmmm..really? I look at the posters and commercials and see them advertise the big mac as 2 beef patties on a sesame seed bun with sacuse, onions, lettuce pickels and cheese.....I go to McD's and order one, and I get excatly that!..yeah thats false advertising..Its not false advertising, they just "polish it up" Do you know how many hours it takes to make a big mac look perfect for advertising?? Did you know that what u see on TV isnt cooked! They use eye droppers to place the sauce on the mac...but hey, if that is what you want..ewwww

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