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Barbie boy

Posted by: David Peal ( USA ) on June 03, 1999 at 10:07:53:

In Reply to: Yep! We've got 'em! posted by Mike Bacon on June 02, 1999 at 10:14:26:

: Have you seen the attacks on my other posts by Paranoid Ghost and David Peal? No humor, those two, PG is especially grumpy. Qx and Gerard have some serious competition here. The party's getting interesting again, and they're nowhere to be seen.

: As for PG and DP: Guys, is beating up on McD's really your lives' crusades?

It is very serious and I will allways continue to voice the truth about the notorious activities of one Ray Krook. Barbie as soon as my web site is complete please visit and you will see why this is important to me. The Krook is dead but lomg remembered for his ethical behavior in early stages. The underhanded bank dealing and land purchased will open the eyes of serious people (adults) about the activities of this individual. The clown is slowly loosingng business to the other fast food joints who started in good faith and built honest business dealing over the years. The ghost man is brillant and if you would listen to him you might understand our position about Mcdonald's and the evil clown and empire created by the fool with the FITH grade education. I believe everyone will be amazed by information concerning Mcdonal's early formation and the shananigans of the Krook.

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