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More on grilled chickens

Posted by: Shaun ( Burger King #5700, USA ) on June 03, 1999 at 10:11:09:

In Reply to: Yep! We've got 'em! posted by Mike Bacon on June 02, 1999 at 10:14:26:

Hi Mike.Your lucky that your McD's sell those. The last time I was at a real restaurant a couple weeks ago I got the cajun grilled chicken, which cost $8! But it was so good. Anyway,the waitress said that it is just grilled chicken with cajun seasoning on it that you can buy in any store. I was so happy. I went to the supermarket to buy cajun spice powder with the intent to bring it to work and make my own grilled chicken on the Broiler. I like the Whopper, but in my opinion the BK Broiler is the best sandwich we sell. You should try it with ranch sauce on it, it's like heaven! Anyway, I didn't want to get cajun on the Broiler chain, so I just put it on one side of the chicken as I cooked it. It was good, but it didn't taste the same as the cajun chickens at other restaurants. And although it is really small, I think McD's grilled chicken is pretty darn good.

: Have you seen the attacks on my other posts by Paranoid Ghost and David Peal? No humor, those two, PG is especially grumpy. Qx and Gerard have some serious competition here. The party's getting interesting again, and they're nowhere to be seen.

Yeah I saw those. I dont have anything against David because a while ago he told me he hates just McD's but he's OK with BK. As for PG, he must realize that McD's is not the only company that goes to great lenghts to make thier product look perfect on TV. All company's do the same thing. It is perfectly legal, and I do not believe it to be false advertising at all.

McSpotlight: If a company lies while trying to advertise their product; either by omission or deed, then they are guilty of false advertising, as the judge ruled.

The reason that McDonald's were found guilty, as distinct from, say, Burger King was that McDonald's tried suing people who said that their advertising was deceptive.

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